Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

Frans & Ellen van Schaik on a Whale Watching Tour

After a less successfull trip on 28th July Frans and Ellen decited to join us again on 29th July. This are the results.

We use this kind of pictures for identification of sperm whales. The form of the fluke is like a fingerprint. The University in Horta collects this pictures in their TRACE programm. So they find out if this individual has been in our waters before....

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

Wayne Osborne and the whales

Wayne Osborne took this wonderfull picture of a spermwhale calv drinking milk from the mother. There is no better picture of a situation like this.....It´s a special year at Pico. We have so many birthgivings around the island....a meeting point of the whales......

Birthday party

Unsere Bootsbegleiterin Rieke aus Bielefeld wurde heute 19 Jahre alt. Ein Grund für das Pico Sport Team zu feiern. Rieke kommt seit 5 Jahren immer mal wieder nach Pico um als Voluntär mitzuarbeiten in unserem Team. Sie hat unzählige Stunden mit Walen und Delphinen auf dem Meer verbracht und hat sicher viel mehr zu erzählen als so mancher Meeresbiologe.

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

the best picture ever

Wade Hughes is back in new York. He took this wonderfull picture of a sperm whale pod last week at Pico. This is the best picture i have ever seen of sperm whales under water..........
Wade works with Pico Sport and the Sperm Whales of the Azores since 2005.
He recently published a book which tells a fiction story about he whales and the people of the Azores.
Title is: The Whales of Sao Marco

more information about the books of Wade Hughes at

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Schnorcheln mit Delphinen

Ruta Edlemann hatte heute das grosse Glück auf einer Delphintour den Risso Delphinen unter Wasser zu begegnen.

Friedericke Hegselmann mit Rissos Auge in Auge

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

No Words

As promissed here are the pictures of Wayne Osborne from the yesterday encounter.

The bull is too close and touches the camera housing softly.

A Mother with the new born baby....only some hours old....

The bull and Wade Hughes.....a special meeting

Pico Sport brings professionals to the whales.....we hope to send a message around the world with pictures like this. Thank you Wade and Wayne to support us and help the whales.....G R E A T J O B .

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Dolphin Watching

Just in front of Faial Eduardo met a group of Bottlenose Dolphins.

Professional work at Pico

The best weather has started. Pico Sport has a new boat in the water.
Wade Hughes, Pam & Wayne Osborne went on her for the first trip....and what a trip it was.
Soon you will read here to story of the 2 newborn are the first pictures of the first tour of thre Black Pearl....a lucky boat.

Wade and Wayne ready to enter the water

The newborn is up for breathing.....

Summertime at Pico

The summer is here and the dolphins as well. Today we went to swim with 3 different species.
Bottlenose dolphins allways give us good fun......

Pictures taken by our whale watching guide Friedericke Hegselmann

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Sowerby at Pico South Coast

This morning we had the rare encounter with Sowerby beaked whales. Birgit Schiche was on board to take this shot.

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Wayne, Wade and a new born sperm whale baby

If you read our blog from 1 year ago you see the pictures Annette took from a baby sperm whale that was born at the South Coast of Pico.
1 year after our professionals from Australia widnessed a similar situation.
Emanuel. the skipper had spotted a group of 14 whales close to the coast. After we arrived he switsched off the engine and the whales came to our boat Maisha.....see below what happened.

Wade Hughes and Wayne Osborne work on the Azores Whales with us since 2006.

On their way to the sperm whales a Sei Whale turned up.....

When we arrrived in the sperm whale area a 12m whale came up beside the boat.

Wayne went into the water and had a realy nice meeting !

The new born came just 1m close to the boat. It was so close that Wayne could hold the video camera into the water and film the whales even without entering the water.
In the next days we will publish the videos on our new web pages

Montag, 6. Juli 2009

Professionals at Pico again

The Australian Professionals are back at Pico.
Like every year Wayne Osborne and Wade Hughes come to Pico to work with sperm whales.
They arrived Saturday at noon. As the weather was excellent we departed at 15:00 to check out a group of sperm whales close to Madalena........a good decission because they got the very rare situation of a social meeting...The Magarita flower.