Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

Wayne, Wade and a new born sperm whale baby

If you read our blog from 1 year ago you see the pictures Annette took from a baby sperm whale that was born at the South Coast of Pico.
1 year after our professionals from Australia widnessed a similar situation.
Emanuel. the skipper had spotted a group of 14 whales close to the coast. After we arrived he switsched off the engine and the whales came to our boat Maisha.....see below what happened.

Wade Hughes and Wayne Osborne work on the Azores Whales with us since 2006.

On their way to the sperm whales a Sei Whale turned up.....

When we arrrived in the sperm whale area a 12m whale came up beside the boat.

Wayne went into the water and had a realy nice meeting !

The new born came just 1m close to the boat. It was so close that Wayne could hold the video camera into the water and film the whales even without entering the water.
In the next days we will publish the videos on our new web pages

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