Montag, 14. November 2011

galapagos special 2011

The Galapagos photo excursion has started . The first week is over and was GREAT. Here are the first pictures....

Lava Gull

Galapagos Hawk at Santa Fe Island

Beautifull South Plaza Island

under each Cactus there is an Iguana

Sea lions are never shy at Galapagos

Soon more news here and informations on our programms

Samstag, 12. November 2011

patagonia trip - phantastic whales

We have left Patagonia and i am at the Galapagos Islands now. Soon i will publish the first pictures here....but before that i want to review the 19th season with the right whales and wonderfull Patagonia.....

Commerson dolphins at Ria Deseado are allways a highlight of the trip.

The sea lion we are filming with a TV Team in 3 D

The kelp gull tries to land on the back of the right whale......but he blow washes here away...

Darwin Lizzards reproducing

Watching Guanakos in Cabo dos Bahias Nationalpark

Dusky Dolphins at Golfo Nuevo

Rockhopper Penguin at Penguin Island

The next Patagonia right whale trip is comming up in October 2012. Please send me an E Mail for further information.

Freitag, 11. November 2011

Whale Watching with Frank Wirth

With the Gauchos in Patagonia

During our South Expedition we visited an Estancia.....See this pictures we took and we enjoyed a BBQ after!

The next possibility to join our right whale trips will be on October 20th 2012.
Ask now for information

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Whale Watching with Frank Wirth

It´s a hard job.

Our marine biologist Robert M. Lehmann is taking pictures for our new PR movie about the last Patagonia trip.
He is really enjoying hte Magellanic Penguin.....its a male as we can see on the large forehead and he was really interested in the camera.

The next trip with Frank and Robert will be the Orca Camp from March 31t to April 14th. We will visit this penguin again in Cabo dos Bahias Nationalpark before he leaves to the open sea in Mid April when the reproduction season is over....

send us an e mail to ask the details for our Patagonia excursions.

whale Watching with Frank Wirth

Dead whales at the Beach

unfortunatly not all Babys can make it. Here we see the scientists taken samples of the dead whale to analyse the reason of the death.

Our marine biologist Robert Lehmann was lucky to get the chance to be there.....and took 1500 pictures.

In 2012 our Charles Darwin Expedition takes place between October 20th and November 3rd....ask for information

Whale Watching with Frank Wirth

Before we left Peninsula Valdes we went for a late Whale Watching Trip

and have a look on our new shark webpage