Freitag, 4. November 2011

Whale Watching with Frank Wirth

It´s a hard job.

Our marine biologist Robert M. Lehmann is taking pictures for our new PR movie about the last Patagonia trip.
He is really enjoying hte Magellanic Penguin.....its a male as we can see on the large forehead and he was really interested in the camera.

The next trip with Frank and Robert will be the Orca Camp from March 31t to April 14th. We will visit this penguin again in Cabo dos Bahias Nationalpark before he leaves to the open sea in Mid April when the reproduction season is over....

send us an e mail to ask the details for our Patagonia excursions.

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Nuno Sá - Wildlife Photography hat gesagt…

Hello frank, sound amazing, wish I could be there, have fun.
All the best, Nuno Sá.