Samstag, 12. November 2011

patagonia trip - phantastic whales

We have left Patagonia and i am at the Galapagos Islands now. Soon i will publish the first pictures here....but before that i want to review the 19th season with the right whales and wonderfull Patagonia.....

Commerson dolphins at Ria Deseado are allways a highlight of the trip.

The sea lion we are filming with a TV Team in 3 D

The kelp gull tries to land on the back of the right whale......but he blow washes here away...

Darwin Lizzards reproducing

Watching Guanakos in Cabo dos Bahias Nationalpark

Dusky Dolphins at Golfo Nuevo

Rockhopper Penguin at Penguin Island

The next Patagonia right whale trip is comming up in October 2012. Please send me an E Mail for further information.

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