Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

News aus Kenia


here we are from Kenya. Come and visit the Kenia blog to find out who this guy is....

Donnerstag, 20. November 2008

Vorankündigung Buckelwale

Im Frühjahr 2010 werden wir wieder eine spezielle Tour zu den Buckelwalen der Karibik durchführen. Wer Interesse hat sendet mir bitte eine E mail an, dann schicke ich Euch ein pdf mit Detailinfos.
Diese Bilder habe ich 2007 auf der letzten Tour aufgenommen.

Spring 2010 we willl have another special trip to oberve the humpback whales of the carrebean....If you are interested send a mail to and i send a detailed information. This shoots i took 2007 on the last trip.

Donnerstag, 13. November 2008

Adios Buenos Aires...

Impressions from 2 days in Buenos Aires... Sweet life, Tango, Beef steaks and Mate :) I'll be back soon!

From colourfull La Boca...

... without missing... TANGO ARGENTINO!!

... to crazy San Telmo with street market (hot insider tip for earring fans *grin*) and the best steak restaurant ever... viva El Desnivel - interesting waiters and guests besides the fantastic meat... with or without Chocolate under the stairs?? to find out next time ;)

yes... one of the best earring and necklace shopping spots ever seen! after 2 weeks of hard hard work ;)

...sweet sweet Argentina!! Again hard work to get some sweets :)

...Tango in the streets!! In the restaurants...

... and on the Plaza San Telmo... Olé Olé!

Enjoying the spectaculo in the spring sun...

Paparazzi are not far ;)

To finish with drinks in Bunos Aires Hard Rock Café... with the best barkeeper ever :)

Cheers czeck republic!! :))

Dienstag, 11. November 2008

Guest pictures from Patagonia

Ingo joined us in Patagonia. Here are 3 of his images and this is his page

Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Orca Tour comming up

We have left Patagonia. A wonderful time is behind us and we hope you enjoyed the pictures we took. But we will be back in March. The rightwhales will be in the Antartic circle at that time, but Orca Whales are around. Its the time when sea lion pubs start to explore the beach.....a nice snack for Mel, the oldest Orca around Valdez and the most experienced beach hunter.
Photographers have the chance to join us in a micro group of 6 persons per trip... 24 seats are available in total between March 15th and April 19th, combined with a wonderful tour to south Patagonia where we see penguins and commerson dolphins.
Do not hesitate to contact us about this outstanding trip into the life of the whales and check the webpage

Last Patagonia Sunset trip...

With these pictures we say goodbye to Patagonia... only for this year, we will be back in March & April 2009 for the Orcas in Punta Norte. See you then!

A white whale baby....

Sometimes a southern right whale baby is not dark, but white with only a few pigmentations. According to local people with many years of experience with the whales there is around 1 white / 100 whale babies. Quite rare to find them in the huge Gulf of Valdes! We had the chance to spend many hours with a white baby and its mother, the baby very peaceful, sometimes curious, sometimes a bit shy, but always very beautiful to watch, especially when we could see it approaching in the clear water to dive under our boat...

approaching big mama whale... try to climb on her back to rest and play!

A white baby southern right whale has also been seen in Findler's Bay, Australia... See the article here:

Como leche y chocolate

Black mother & white baby... para mi gusto para chocolate :)

Mother and baby

Whale baby ("el ballenato") and mother are very close, especially during the first time in the whale babies life, where it needs mama's full attention and care. Here in Valdes we can sometimes spend hours and hours with one couple, and observe this closeness... Sometimes the baby gets too curious, approaches the boat and tries to play... then the mother gets it back and takes it to her side with her tail or flipper. Amazing to see from just a few meters!! Enjoy these pictures!

time to rest... the mother offers her back as a resting place to to baby...

"Mama give me a hug!!" :)

the baby tring to climb Mama's back... not always easy hm!!

climbing mama's back, rolling over and trying to be an acrobat... Mama needs patience sometimes!

"when will I have such a nice tail as well??"