Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Orca Tour comming up

We have left Patagonia. A wonderful time is behind us and we hope you enjoyed the pictures we took. But we will be back in March. The rightwhales will be in the Antartic circle at that time, but Orca Whales are around. Its the time when sea lion pubs start to explore the beach.....a nice snack for Mel, the oldest Orca around Valdez and the most experienced beach hunter.
Photographers have the chance to join us in a micro group of 6 persons per trip... 24 seats are available in total between March 15th and April 19th, combined with a wonderful tour to south Patagonia where we see penguins and commerson dolphins.
Do not hesitate to contact us about this outstanding trip into the life of the whales and check the webpage

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