Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Mother and baby

Whale baby ("el ballenato") and mother are very close, especially during the first time in the whale babies life, where it needs mama's full attention and care. Here in Valdes we can sometimes spend hours and hours with one couple, and observe this closeness... Sometimes the baby gets too curious, approaches the boat and tries to play... then the mother gets it back and takes it to her side with her tail or flipper. Amazing to see from just a few meters!! Enjoy these pictures!

time to rest... the mother offers her back as a resting place to to baby...

"Mama give me a hug!!" :)

the baby tring to climb Mama's back... not always easy hm!!

climbing mama's back, rolling over and trying to be an acrobat... Mama needs patience sometimes!

"when will I have such a nice tail as well??"

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