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Nuno Sa with Pico Sport

Pico is one of the best spots in the world to explore the biodiversity of marine life. Most of the time we think about the big animals like whales and dolphins.
Nuno Sa is a wildlife photographer that looks into other corners as well. Sometimes its a little hole or a cave where you find surprising creatures.....

Nuno worked with Pico Sport twice in 2011 and in June 2012 an expedition around Pico Island is in preparation to explore more than 30 dive sites....

Now enjoy and see what divers and snorkler`s might experience in a Pico visit.

Nuno says that the Azores have a great chance to become one of the Top 10 dive spots in the world. The new dive programms developed during the last 3 years, diving at Princess Alice Bank and Banco Joao Castro, the extroordinary diving with blue sharks and mako sharks, snorkeling with smooth hammerheads are unique.

Now we are working to motivate the government to open marine parks and protect the enviroment, to allow the coatel fish species to reproduce and create a garden of Eden for marine life, biodiversity and snorklers and divers from around the world.

Nuno Sa is a finalist of the 2011 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the year and has good chances to win the competition. His winning shoot is a blue shark taken at Condor bank close to Pico.

The shot above is his latest picture taken in August 2011 and we hope many more will follow.

If you are interested in diving at Pico come between June and September. The offshore diving at Princess Alice and the blue shark banks are available from July to September.

Join the newest product of Pico Sport on our diving liveaboard, Katamaran Tonia. Only of exclusive 6 divers we do 1 week cruises only to the TOP HOT SPOTS.

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