Freitag, 2. November 2012

Whale Watching in Patagonia

 It was already time to return to the port when this young southern right whale started to breach, waving good bye to us on our last departure at Peninsula Valdez. 8 great days are behind us with endless encounters with whales, as close and impressive as it can be. Nicole Rauch from Switzerland took this picture.

In 2013 we start our next trip with the right whales on October 13th. Ask for information and check
or send an e mail to


Michelle Anne Custodio hat gesagt…

It's a very nice sunset shot with the animal. I always love whale watching argyll. It gives me a different feeling.

Hugo Costa hat gesagt…

I guys,

Check the whales and dolphins page at
a comprehensive catalogue of marine species to sea lovers.

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yepimg mater hat gesagt…

Hope the trip can bring new discoveries and make sure you've experienced that. friv 3

Anoush Alexnder hat gesagt…

Es un muy buen tiro puesta del sol con el animal. Siempre me ha gustado la observación de ballenas Argyll. Me da una sensación diferente.

سماء الحرمين hat gesagt…

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