Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

A new born sperm whale baby approaching the boat... We stopped the engine and watched the animal coming closer and closer, checking out the strange floating object on the water, then trying to socialize... looking for milk from the boat?? It could be that this baby was looking for company while the mother went for one of these long dives, hunting for squid in the deep sea... Anyway, some really impressive and unforgettable moments!

Inbetween the lava rocks, close to Anteros Vigia, a Shearwater bird preparing the nest. They come back every year to breed on the Azores, and Antero already knows his company since years. It seems that they are really used to his voice and stick the head out of their cave when he calls them...

Pico mountain in evening light... view from Franks Bar!

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