Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008

Orcas at Pico South Coast!!

A call from the vigia Antero... "Orcas!! Killer whales!! Where are you?! Jump in your boat and go!!" So, we jumped into the boat and went. 10 miles from Pico South Coast we found them, a pod of around 8 animals... difficult to spot with the waves and the afternoon light, but fortunately we had the best eyes of the island onboard... Emanuel made the critical spot to recatch them, and we could follow them for a short time...

Each time at surface, they approached the boat, circeled around and came diving underneath the boat... Incredible!! Such curious and beautiful animals, we could see them move in the Blue, quiet around the boat, then they continued their way westwards.

The most impressive animal of the group... the big male with the huge dorsal fin!! Up to 1,60m high, it is visible from far away. Where does this group come from, where do they go...? We don't know, and just enjoy the short company.

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