Montag, 14. Juli 2008

Wade Hughes - Thirteenth Beach, Diving adventures around the world

A fantastic book for divers and all who love to be under water. And all who have never been there and want to get an appetizer - you will go there after reading the book.
Congratulations to Wade :)

Thirteenth Beach is an absorbing account of underwater adventure, history, travel, nature, tragedy, and humor all woven tightly together into a highly entertaining collection of factual experiences and observations. It’s written with a sharp eye for detail, an ironic sense of humor, and above all, a personal style that puts the reader in exotic locations and in the water shoulder to shoulder with the author. This is an ideal traveler’s fireside companion.

Thirteenth Beach begins in the 1960s on the south coast of Australia where a couple of shivering kids go exploring offshore reefs “with the skittish curiosity of kittens approaching their first mouse” and unfolds in a series of underwater adventures spanning forty years and reaching round the globe to locations as distant as the Great Barrier Reef, Galapagos, the central Indian Ocean, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Red Sea, and Iceland.

Author, Wade Hughes, a Member of the Explorers Club, dives and travels with a sharp pen and little escapes his notice; the result is an offbeat, delightfully crafted parade of the people and places, the fish, whales, and sharks, the boats and shipwrecks, that await anyone following their itch for adventure into the “seven seas and a couple of lakes”.

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