Montag, 28. Juli 2008

Wayne Osborne made 460 nautical miles looking for Moby Dick.

We reported already about Wayne Osborne and Wade Hughes beeing with us again this year. We are thankfull for the data tracks they transmitted. You can see the miles they made and where we worked. Not logged are the uncounted drops into the water and the climbs on board that are necessary to get excellent pictures like this.

There are 27 recorded species of Cetacea recorded in Azorean waters. This is a meeting point for whales and dolphins and us. Sometimes the encounters are inbelievable. These wonderfull creatures allow us to visit them in their home. They excist since more than 60 Millions of years on this planet while human beeings have been recordet not older than 1.5 Millions. While they allow us to be with them without agressions and harm, we distroy their habitat. We say that we love them so much but we kill them. We polute their world and we allow upcomming countrys to do so.

Wayne Osborne signed up for a wildlife safari that start next January 17th in our new Rhino Watch Safari Lodge in Kenya. Its a meeting of some great photographers at that time and i am sure we will be able to present you in February some wonderfull pictures. Contact us if you want to join us at Pico, in Kenya or in Patagonia.

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