Freitag, 1. August 2008

New born sperm whale at Pico South Coast - Sharing the first moments in a sperm whales life

1 of August, 10:05h, a new baby in one of the sperm whale groups around Pico island. The untouched placenta floating at the surface indicated that the birth must have taken place just in this moment. 5 sperm whales were assisting the birth and gave company to the mother-calf pair. With the engine switched off we had the luck to share these moments with the animals, and see the first interactions between mother and calf, gentle and soft. The other whales were watching, taking care and obviously welcoming the new group memeber - with spyhopping, intense clicking and calm resting at the surface. The baby always close to the mother, sometimes on the top of her body to have rest after the birth... One of the special moments that I will not forget.

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