Sonntag, 3. August 2008

A day for the Mountain

Yesterday was one of these days. Blue sky, moderate winds and 14 poeple motivated to climb the mountain. Nicole took some pictures on her way. At the moment spices are blooming, creating a wonderfull smell during the climb.
Enjov the view with us....

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Katja hat gesagt…

Hi Frank and Tony,

Thanks for posting these really beautiful pictures from the top of Pico. So this is what we could have seen on that foggy day when we went up there last week. If it's that beautiful, we'll surely have to try a second time. ;-)

Robert's "climbing" shoes are in the washing machine. He wanted to keep them for the memory of climbing Pico (and having a "Tony-bread"). I do hope they won't come out in pieces, though... ;-)

Please give my regards to everybody we know.