Dienstag, 30. September 2008

Enjoying the Blue

Sonja, Mirko & Annette on Pico dive sites discovery :) Thanks for the nice company under and above the surface... and for helping out with dive computer!
All pictures by Sonja Mach, thank you!

Arcos de Formozinha lava arches surrounded by light blue...

...encounter with a huge sting ray in an arches gallery!

Um polvo at Porto Calhau...

The old Ribeiras lighthouse...

... with plenty of fish around the reef

A huge scorpionfish just a few meters from Porto de Sao Joao... and just before a nice drop off! ;) with black coral!

And finally a strange species in all colors, caught just in front of Pico Sport :)

... but rapidly transforming back to normal outfit with the after-dive beer in the sun!

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