Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Happy clients of Pico Sport

Dear Frank,
Dear Eduardo, Fernando and Emanuel,

we are still very hapy that we meet you and your special team.

These holidays were very exciting for us due to spending a little time with those great animals of the ocean.

For you Frank I send an unusual picture from a brown eyed lady whom I could help.

Thanks to Eduardo with his experience; making fun when everything is ok, friendly helping if anybody needs something and staying cool during big whales diving directly under his boat.

Thanks to Fernando, who has so much energy and invited us to a really tough and sportive ride on his boat to the spermwhales.

Thanks to Emanuel in spite of his dark sunglasses finding big schools of dolphins, carefully chasing them until we glide into the water to see the dolphins and hear the noise of their sonar system. It seems that his blue nose and white cheeks makes the dolphins relaxed.

And all three skippers always find the right moment when they command in their own way “go, go, go…..”

We miss it!

See you

Christine Koch , Bruno Walter

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