Samstag, 27. März 2010

Orcas in Patagonia

- Friday 26th March 2010 -
- Isla Pinguino -
- Rockhopper penguins finish breading season -
- commersons dolphins join us at sunset -

How to see this ??????? check

In 2011 we have 1 very special Orca trip with 14 full days of Orca Action possible from 5th to 19th March
( only professional photographers or TV teams )

Beside this special event we will have 3 photographer departures available on this dates: 12th March / 26th March / 2nd April
( only professional photographers or TV teams )

And a new program for Orca and penguin Fans ( non professional´s for only 1690.- Euro per person )

send me an e mail for further informatio and enjoy pics below.......

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