Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Crocodile Man in Costa Rica

22nd April 2010

I am in Costa Rica filming with the team. I met a man that lives since 20 years with this 5 m crocodile. See what he is doing.
If you like to see this animal yourself have a look at

In Pico we see blue whales and fin whales in each departure and i will come with an update soon. But now enjoy the crocodile man........

When i went close to the crocodile i had a special know what i mean. But now we are friends and i will go for some under water pictures soon. We will set up a new photographer trip to this place which is a paradise to take pictures. Beside crocodiles we see all types of frogs, turtles, fantastic birdlife and reptiles. We will arrange a 2 week round trip with the best spots to see all the animals central america has to offer. Contact me for pre information and i will update you by e mail.

This is Peli and he is the friend of the crocodile as well........

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