Samstag, 3. April 2010

Elephant seal photo excursion in Patagonia

Are you a photographer ?
Do you want to take a picture like this photographer ?
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Along the beaches of Patagonia 12000 elephant seals find their home for some weeks to give birth. The elephant seal machos create large harems with more than 50 females....Fights are bloddy and spectecular. Join us on our close up trip to the 3000 kg elephant seals.

In this comming September we will have a 10 day special trip on elephant seal and right whale photography.

Beside the seals we will take pictures of sea lions, magellanic penguins, sea birds and southern right whales. Also there is a chance for Orca whales.

send me an e mail for more information. Tour in english language.
We will be based on a private beach in Southern Patagonia to take this elephant seal pictures and the Whale Watching takes place in Puerto Piramides.

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