Sonntag, 22. August 2010

The blue shark diving

We have been out again to look for the Blue Sharks. Its the 4th time now we tried and.....4 times success...Its working....
Dr. Erich Ritter and our Diving Ínstructor and Shark Specialist Claus Poeter worked out the system and now we know the tactic to call the sharks.

See pictures of Patrik Janda and Tomas Kotouc taken on August 21st in Pico

If you want to join us for shark diving in 2011 here are the seasons:

June / July we dive / snorkel with Smooth Hammerhead Sharks
July - September we dive with Blue sharks, Mako Sharks and Mobula Rays
August 2011 Shark School with Dr. Erich Ritter

Pico Sport is diving since 1996 in the Azores and we are the company that discovered Shark Diving in the Azores. We are the onliest company to dive with the Blue and the Mako Sharks...............
Come and discover the secret with us.......

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Special thanks to Robert Wilpernig , the owner of Wirodive Germany to believe in us and to motivate us for this new program and to bring the shark school with Dr. Erich Ritter to us.
Thank you to Tomas Kotouc who motivated us for 2 years to start the shark program and brought the first Czech diving group for Shark Diving to Pico.

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