Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Blue Whales at Pico

Today was one of these days....7:00 in the morning-...a telephone call from the Vigia.....

Balleia Azul

The blue whales was traveling with a speed of 25 miles

The size of this animal 25 m

The blow 8m high

The back fin full of Copepod crabs

Good bye big Blue. Have a nice journey.

Thank you very much for this shoots Gert Helmus, back on Pico after 4 years....

Here a shoot of Renate, Gerds wife. She was lucky enough to get the short moment when the blue whale comes up with wide open mouth.....maybe full of Krill and fish.

The Blue Whale season is ending in this days. They migrate to the north where they find food drifting from the high Arctic when the ice is melting. Maybe Island, maybe Greenland, maybe Hudson bay---who knows.

The next Blue whale season starts in April 2012....long time from now. But in the meanwhile we see Spermwhales, Pilotwhales and we are waiting for the Beaked whales and spotted Dolphins to arrive.

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