Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Erich Ritter with Shark School in Pico

Last week Pico Sport has had the honour of having Dr. Erich Ritter coming to Pico to train dive instructors and guides to become qualified Shark Guides. Erich Ritter is the worlds leading scientist in human - shark interaction behavior. He arrived in Pico 2 weeks ago for 10 days to work with diving companies from Pico and Faial. To become a certified shark guide is very important. Here in the Azores we want to offer safe shark diving to avoid incidents from the very beginning. Three dive centers participated in the course held at Pico Sport, the company that dives around Pico since 19 years. Faials oldest company, Norberto Diver and Dive Azores with Tiago Castro participated. We even had 3 instructors from a Spanish company joining us.
Pico Sport and Sharkschool International pro
mote safe shark diving and the Azores are the first spot in the world that will have this certificate handed out to their guides. We highly recommend divers to only book their shark dive with certified Dive centers in the Azores Islands.

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