Freitag, 1. Juli 2011


The children's initiative Plant-for-the-Planet
was founded in January 2007 and originated from a school project on climate change by Felix Finkbeiner, then 9 years of age. In his project’s conclusion Felix developed the vision of children planting one million trees in each country worldwide thus creating a countermeasure to global carbon emissions. In the following years Plant-for-the-Planet grew into a global movement with currently about 100.000 children in over 100 countries engaged in the initiative. They see themselves as global citizens campaigning for climate justice, which in their eyes includes a total reduction of the emission of gases affecting the climate and the fair distribution of emission rights among all people.

On July 14th Rhino Watch Lodge is welcoming Felix and his Family in Kenya. We will have a children's academy with 500 children and a planting session of 200 trees patronized by Maisha Wirth and Rhino-Watch-Lodge, their local partner in Kenya. Rhino Watch Lodge will maintain a long time relationship with the children of the Plant-for-the-Planet and support their tree planting projects in the future.

Frank Wirth: "We are very honoured that our operation in Kenya has the opportunity to host this event and to become a partner of Plant-for-the-Planet. My daughter Maisha will do everything in her power to plant one million trees in Kenya. For each liter of fuel we burn in our Pico-based operation we will plant in Kenya. Everyone of you can help and donate a tree. You can also come to Kenya, visit Rhino Watch Lodge yourself and plant you own tree... Email us for more information."

See Felix's recent speech
at the Launch Ceremony of the International Year of Forest 2011 in New York on February 2nd:

Also follow his Africa journey on their blog:

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