Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Summer whale and dolphin watching

What an excellent kick start of July fo
r whale and dolphin watching! The last few days have been great; the sea couldn't have been any calmer, the visibility clearer, the sun warmer and the animals more abundant. Our customers and the crew have been lucky to witness Sperm whales in active, social surface behaviours. One group of 3 whales showed the juvenile in the group rolling onto its side, spy hopping and showing its odd-looking narrow lower jaw, tail lifting, and rubbing against the other members of the group. A few whale watching boats were silently follwing, until the whales stopped moving and slowly started drifting in our direction. The enguines were shut down and the whales given free path to go their way. All 3 animals spy hopped before slowly passing close by the boats while observing us. Back on their way to the deep blue... Wow!
And then the dolphins...! Big groups of common and Atlantic spotted dolphins interacting with the boat. A group of bottl
enose dolphins came bow-riding and the amazing visibility made up for a great encounter! And the presence of striped and Risso's dolphins finished off some beautiful days. All dolphin groups seem to have many new born calves in their midst, some with their foetal folds still visible, which indicated that they are only a few days old.!! How special to be able to view these newcomers!!

Summer whale watching is here!! Join us!!

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