Sonntag, 1. April 2012

More Orca Party

This is the high season for the Orcas in Punta Norte.

What seems to be cruel to us is nothing else than feeding behavior for the Orcas. The sweet sea lions pubs are food for theWolf of the sea. Only 11 Orcas know how to hunt on the beach and there are thousands of sea lions.
The Orcas of Punta Norte are some of the most successful predators in animal kingdom. 2 days ago they got more than 50 sea lions in 6 hours......what a wonderfull creation of nature to be found at one of the most unique places of the world. is with the Orcas and the Right Whales of Patagonia since 20 years.....Join us in the next season.
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If you are a wildlife photographer join our professional program.
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