Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Orcacamp in Patagonia

Today the Orcacamp had another great day in Punta Norte. At sunrise group of 9 Orcas started to hunt in Punta Norte. The students of our Orcacamp had 3 hours Orcas and 13 attacks with 6 captures just in front of the viewpoint. All guided by Dr. Ingrid Visser, the famous Orca scientist from New Zealand. After the show Ingrid and the sudents went to Punta Norte Orca Research Center to identify the individuals with the photo ID material we took.

The Orcacamp 2012 is very successful and we are happy to announce that 2013 the next Orca Camp will be held from 23rd march to 6th October. Ask us for information or check

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