Montag, 23. März 2009

A few thousand miles further north-west in the Mid-Atlantic... In the Middle of the Blues

While the Orcas enjoy the beach hunting in Argentina, there is a Blue Whale feeding party in Mid-Atlantic! The giants of the ocean hang out just a few miles off Pico South coast, and sometimes their giant blows are even visible from land! Nora and me took the first taste while looking out for Orcas at Pico South coast, unfortunately no Orca sighting but huge blows all over the place, with the warm afternoon light of the Azores.

We could not stay on land anymore, and took the next occasion to join them on the ocean! Together with skipper Eduardo we managed to find the Blues, and stay in the middle of an incredible feeding event!! Eventually we were surrounded by more than 6 Blue whales, blows all around the boat, in front, behind, on the left...

Enjoy these pictures, which may show for what words are not sufficient anymore.

A giant blow... just next to the boat!!

A blue whale in front of Castelo Branco, Faial.

Going down for feeding... with a giant tail water cascade!

And coming up again just close to Pico coast... In the background Ilheus and Monte.

Even the birds are watching the show :)

And for the end of the trip a beautiful sunset tail show...

People are travelling the world to see Blue Whales, the giants of the ocean. In Pico we have the chance to observe them just a few miles from the coast, in the deep blue waters of the Azores.

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