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Orcas in Patagonia

Back with the Orcas

On March 15th we arrrived in Patagonia. Like allways Marcello was waiting for me with the Mini Bus. Its my 16th year and Patagonia and my 39th excursion into this nature paradise. Every time I arrive ist a little bit like comming home and Marcello waiting at the airport is like seeing my family.
The drive to Puerto Piramides takes about 2 hours. On the way we have a short Stopp to do some shopping in the supermarket. We tell our poeple not to carry any cosmetic articles and save some weight because the Aerolinhas Argentinas flight from Buenos Aires to Trelew only allows only 15 kg lugage.

After a short night in Piramides we went to Punta Norte which is an hour drive on grabble road. Punta Norte es a reserve and the famous attack channel of the Orcas is here. The channel is not accessable for poeple and only a spezial permit males it possible to be close at the beach, only 30 feet from „the“ spot.
On places like this the world becomes very small. The most famous photographers and film teams meet here. Only 12 places are available. I am proud that we host 6 places every year during the entire season. So many teams use our service to organize their trip and we use them to get a worldwide promotion about the Orcas and Patagonia.

This year we have with us at the beach

Paul Atkins, well known camera man filming for national geographic

Sasa Dloughy, a very well known wildlife filmmaker from Prague with his wife Marketta

Dr. Ingrid Vlisser from Newsealand. The word´s leading Orca scientist with her film Team to film documentation footage about the Norte Orcas

Me, Frank Wirth with a group of Austrian, German and Czeck wildlife photographers.

And of course Hector, the chef of the Rangers in Patagonia. A strict man in conservation but a good friend after all this years as well.

Well, the 16th March was a windy day and Orcas did not appear. So we set 6 hours at the beach, waiting for nothing, but time for talking and sand in the hair.

On March 17th we went again. High tide at 14:10. That means we have to enter the beach at 11:00 to take our carmonflaged position. When we arrived the rangers informed us that Mel and Sol have been sighted. So when we finished our set up the actors arrived and the show down started. In 6 hours we had 5 attacks......

unexpected an Albino Magellanic penguin showed up

a young elephant seal male at the beach....

Enjoy the pictures and wait for the next news comming up soon at this page
Puerto Piramides, March 18th 2009

PS. There are 2 places left in the group from april 5th to 19th due to a cancelation. Contact me if you want more information

best regards from Patagonia


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