Freitag, 20. März 2009

The Orca show down

March 18th 2009, Punta Norte

Today the high tide was at 15:00. We arived at noon to walk to our beach spot. Hector, the Ranger informed us that Mel and Sol had been sighted and they are on the way to the attack channel.

Mel and Sol in the attack channel

I went with Dr. Ingrid Vlisser, the Tv Team of Paul Atkins, Sasa Dloughy and the photographer group to the beach. It takes a while until the TV Team is ready to shoot. 500.000 Dollar equipment is well packed and needs some time for setting. The high speed camera for slow motion pictures is the most usefull tool for breathtaking pictures.

Paul Atkins is one of the most experienced camera man for whale and underwater shooting

Dr. Ingrid Vlisser from New Zealand is the world´s´leading Orca scientist.

Mel is a serious Orca and he arrived in tiime.....the show down started.....9 attacks in 6 hours.

After feeding enough he tryed to motivate Sol to hunt. Normally he hunts alone but he is also a teacher and trys to teach Sol how to locate and kill the sea lion pubs.
He trained many Orcas of his Pod in the past and we are waiting daily for the arrival of the rest of the group.

Sea Lion pubs are sitting at the beach. In the moment they enter the water they are in highest danger. See below

Enjoy the pictures from today and stay with us to see what happens tomorrow.

Bye from Punta Norte


This sea lion takes his last chance to get away

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