Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Breaking news for 2012 Pico Diving season

Live aboard Dive Cruises in the Azores

The first time in the diving market in the Azores a Dive Cat will start to sail on Scuba Diving Cruises in the Central Islands of the Azores. From June 30th 2012 until the end of September 2012 the 13,5m Cat will operate under the flag of Pico Sport to explore the most exciting dive sites of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 7 day cruise includes 16 dives at the Blue and Mako shark spot´s , an overnight at Princess Alice Bank and an overnight at the most thrilling dive spot of Banco Joao Castro.
The rest of the nights we will anker in the ports of Faial, Madalena, Lajes or Velas. This allows us to enjoy the local cousine. The long distance sails will be done during the night so you wake up at the dive spot.
The Cat is also available for charter weeks.

In May, June and October we will offer sailing cruises from Faial, Pico to Sao Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira. We are sure that specially in may some blue whales will cross our route.

send us an e mail to request more details and be part of the newest Scuba Dive Product in the Atlantic Ocean...Only available for exclusive 6 divers per cruise !!!!!!!


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