Montag, 29. August 2011

Unexpected visitors!!!

Yesterday, the 28th of August was one of those days that were EXTRA exciting, since our boats and customers out on the water had some unexpected visitors... Our whale watching charter had a Humpback whale around for a few hours feeding only a few miles north of Pico. We had some amazing activity as the photos do show.

Photos by Leonie Mahlke

Pico Sport's divers had a very unexpected visit from a Minke whale while they were diving with Blue Sharks. The whale was very curious and stayed around very close for about 5 minutes. Awesome!!!!
Also Claudia and Manfred, our Austrian professional film makers had an amazing day out on the water, with the Humpback whale at the start of the day, Blue Sharks at lunch time, Atlantic spotted dolphins around dinner and a few curious Sperm whales at sunset...!!! Big smiles for customers AND crew all day!!!!

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