Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Costa Rica Trip

While the Blue whales are cruising along the Pico coast and the Orcas are hunting at Punta Norte i am myself in central America.
For old Pico Sport guests we had organised an easter trip for familys to Costa Rica. We arrived last night in Turabaja Area.
We are 38 persons and some of them went with me to a botanic garden of the University. In the next days I will update you with more pictures of Pico Sport Special.

The University guide explains about plants

The Oropendula is a weaver bird.

We endet up in a cattle market and enjoyed the typical food

Colourfull flowers are everywhere in Costa Rica.

The Jakana enjoys the water of the lake on this hot day.

Tomorrow i will give you an update on the Orcas in Patagonia where our team is working with the next Orca Group. Of course i will also give a report about our visit of Irazu Volcano from Costa Rica....

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