Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Patagonia South Excursion

The season of the Orcas has finished. Now our last photographer group is heading south.

On a windy day we visited the village of the fisherman. They live like 50 years behind and whale bones descorate their garden.

This are baleens of the southern right whale

Our first stop when we travel south is always Calhetta Sara at Cabo dos Bahias National Park. Beside penguins we find Guanaks everywhere. They are not shy...
But also Maras are around

Guanakos in Caletta Sara

A skunk crossed our way....a reason for the photographers to get out and follow him

So i had to get out of the car myself to direct the skunk to the photographers. Thats a hell of a job because we all know what a skunk can do....but no worries.
I still smell well (-:

The Patagonia Sky is allways wonderfull....

Chilenian Flamingos rest at Calhetta Sara as well.

For thoose who want to stay some extra days we arranged an excursion to the patrified forest in Sarmiento.

If you are a photographer come and join us next year on our trip. Information at

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