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28 März 2009, Puerto Deseado


After some days of driving, beeing at the sea and in areas without net I find the time to write about our south expedition in Patagonia.

Our first stop was the Cabo dos Bahias Nationalpark. After we left in Puerto Piramides we drove 100 km south to overnight in Puerto Madryn. An incredible fish plate was waiting for us in „La Tasca“.

The next morning we started our 380 km drive on the Carettera Austral. It is a difficult drive because you go just straight for hundrets of hill, no mountain....only ...a la Carretera......

But we arrived well in Cabo dos Bahias and stayed at Club Nautico at Caletta Sara.

Cabo dos Bahias is the best place in Argentina to take close up pictures of the land animals such as Mara, Guanako and Lesser Rhea. Also it is home of one of Patagonias largest colonys of Magellanic Penguins. The landscape is breathtaking.

After 2 nights at Club Nautico we continued 600 km south to Porto Deseado. This is another highlight of our Expedition. Isla Pinguino is home of the most northern colony of Rockhopper penguins. They are changing their feathers at this time of the year. The breading season has finished and they prepare to go back to the sea where they will stay for 6 month before they return....enjoy our journey below.....

Rockhopper changing feathers

Lunch at the beach at the Island where magellanic penguins enter the water behind us

Magellanics nesting at Penguin Island

Commmerson dolphins joining our boat

The ride to the Island can take 60 minutes

Penguin Island was a Lighthouse Island before GPS Times

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