Samstag, 11. April 2009

Orcas in Punta Norte

The Orca season is almost finished. Our last photographer group is leaving Punta Norte on the 12th heading south to the Rockhopper penguins. It was a great season with many attacks. We dealed with wind and weather and shared our time with the a unique spot, out there in Punta Norte. Thank you to ther Orca Team of PNOR. Next year we meet again and we have set an Orca workshop with Frank, Ingrids PNOR Team and Consuelo. Only 12 persons can participate in this workshop from 11th to 19th April 2010. We will stay with the RNOR Team at Estancia La Ernestina, right in the middle of the Orca area. There is no better place in the world to see the Orcas hunting and we are together with the worlds leading Orca scientists. Ask for information at

a kelp gull sitting at the kelp at Punta Norte coast

On an windy day we went to the Loberia close to Puerto Piramides....bye the way. Yesterday, April 10th the first 2 right whales were sighted in Golfo Nuevo. I take the chance to remind you on our next trip to oberserve right whales here from Mid October. Check our Charles Darwin Tour at

The formation of the coast gave Puerto Piramides the name

View to the Loberia from the cliffs.

Ingrid Visser with our group at the beach at the attack channel in Punta Norte. Ingrid is allways happy to tell the guests about the Orcas...its her life.

The photographers are banned from Ingrids talk about the Punta Norte Orcas. Also she tells about her Orca Project in Newzealand. We are with her on a special trip in 2011.....ask me for information..onlz 12 seats available.

In the afternoon we went to the fishing village where the fisherman had found a kite with a broken wing. See yourself what happened to me.

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