Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

Special Orca trip 2011

Newsfash from Patagonia

Ingrid Visser found the time to tell us about The Punta Norte Orca Project and her Orca Projects in Newzealand and papua New Guinea.

We made a plan for spring 2011 !!!!

We will set up a trip to Newzealand to visit Ingrid and her Orca project. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will go Whale Watching with her and snorkel with dolphins.

The itenary will be:
1 week Orca photography at Ingrids project.
Photo safari in the country and Islands
Whale watching in Kaikoura by Helicopter
Swimming with Dusky Dolphins and shooting topside as well

Guided by Dr. Ingrid Vlisser and Frank Wirth

and we will have one 14 day trip only for professional underwater photographers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Filmer on Orcas under water...and lots of bird watching

in September / October 2011 we will have an Orca and whale trip to Papua New Guinea. Ingrid is working there on Orcas and the avaerage of seeing other whale species is by 3 per day. Spermwhales, Risso Dolphins, pilot whales and Orcas of course. Bottlenose, Spinner solphins and Zifios as well.....Also this is a great possibility for bird watching and culture shooting...guided by Frank and Ingris as well......

Soon i will come up with some information. 12 seats are available per trip and the first 2 are already booked for NZ by 2 photographers from the group with me now.

all the best from Patagonia

Frank Wirth

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