Montag, 15. November 2010

Couesteau Movie PATAGONIA

Filming in 3 D Part 2

The Film team is back in Patagonia. Now the Rockhopper penguin have invased the Canyon and we are filming them close up. We were able to capture phantastic shots of them.

With the crane we are able to get special effects that you will enjoy in the cinema.

The magellanic penguins have their first chicks. They are hedging in these days. Today we will be at Bird Island to film them again.....I hope more pictures will come out, to show you how we proceed.

After this shooting the film team will continue to visit us in Kenya.....
In December we will shoot Flamingos and Rhinos in 3 D and of course i will keep you updated.
In January we are back in Patagonia.
In February back in Kenya
and in March filming the hunting Orca and Penguins in Patagonia again....
..............lots of work to be done at wonderfull places.....

If you want to join us in one of this places on our regular is the contact:

or send me an e mail to

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